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At Cryostar, 86% of our new managers for 2021 were promoted from within!

On average, 80% of our new managers each year are internal promotions! In 2021, 11 Cryostar employees were promoted to manager in a range of departments including Production, Customer Service, Quality, and Management Control. 

At Cryostar, we believe very strongly in promoting from within. All our employees are given the opportunity for career advancement,” said Marion, Cryostar’s HR Development Manager. “Our new managers are offered support, such as training on how to conduct annual interviews, along with a module designed specifically for first-time managers. In addition to the training process, the Human Resources department also offers our employees day-to-day assistance in accordance with their needs and their professional trajectory.

On our picture, 3 of our colleagues who became managers in 2021: Florian, Natalia and Mario-Sergio.


TESTIMONIAL: Florian, Product Quality Manager

I started working for Cryostar eight years ago. Since then, I have a held a variety of positions in the Quality department, including quality expertise in the sales phase, as well as project monitoring with operational activities. Today, I am at the head of a 10-person team dedicated to Turbomachine Product Quality. I was given these opportunities after expressing a desire to change positions, a desire that was encouraged by my direct managers and by Cryostar as a whole.  I believe that when companies give their employees a chance to discover new roles within the company structure, it benefits both the company and the employees alike. Promoting from within demonstrates the employer’s trust in their employees, as well as contributing to their professional fulfillment.

Internal promotions are an integral part of the Cryostar company culture. They are an excellent way to make employees feel valued and encourage company loyalty, therefore enabling the company to strengthen our skill set.

N-Philippe Fauvel-CRYOSTAR AUTOMATION - Capdenac - Etienne Kopp Photographie (87)

Philippe, a career from Alsace to Aveyron: “Geographical mobility is a strength”

I’ve been promoted during my maternity leave

Tatiane Cryostar Brazil – I’ve been promoted during my maternity leave


Laurent, Foreman, Electrical Service: “Making the team work together”

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