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Alain, Production Manager at Cryostar Automation

Our 4 Production Managers share their vision and passion for their job.
Episode 2: Alain, 53, Production Manager at Cryostar Automation


Cryostar Automation is a renowned supplier of filling stations for industrial and medical gas cylinders, as well as complete LNG filling stations. Around fifty employees, united by a real family spirit, have been contributing to the success story of the Aveyron-based company for over 20 years!

What is your background?

As a civil Engineer, I started my career as a tiler with my father. I’ve been part of the Cryostar teams for over 21 years, which is a real source of pride for me. I was project manager for 10 years, mainly on filling station projects. In 2012, the year production started up in Capdenac, I was promoted to Production Manager of Cryostar Automation.

What do you enjoy most in your day-to-day work?

My greatest motivation is, and always will be, to take on challenges, and we’re no exception in our profession! Delivering machines that meet customer requirements on time is a daily challenge that gives me a lot of energy! Our product range is so vast that we’re guaranteed to discover something different every day. Every day is full of surprises and you’re never done learning. I feel useful to the company and my customers, and that’s what makes my job worthwhile”.

What advice would you give to candidates looking for a job?


Anything is possible and achievable with ambition, determination and motivation. Cryostar is an industry at the forefront of technology, welcoming, friendly, with good working conditions. If a young person likes technology and innovation, he should come to Cryostar – he won’t be disappointed! Working at Cryostar is a great learning experience.

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