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Alexis, from internship to recruitment as a Project Manager

Alexis is a graduate of the renowned National School of Energy, Water and Environment (Grenoble, France). He chose Cryostar, which he knew by reputation, to do his internship as a graduate engineer for 6 months. He was recruited at the end of his internship as a Project Manager. 

Hello Alexis, can you tell us about your internship assignments?

I was immediately seduced by the diversity of the missions that Cryostar entrusted to me. The aim was to accompany the Project Manager team of the BU Process Machinery in the use of the software solution “IFS” and its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). I set up several tutorials, I participated in improvements and steered working groups in order to define development specifications.  And I had the opportunity to discover the transversal vision of a project with its different impacts.

You have been Project Manager at Cryostar for more than 6 months now, how do you feel about starting your career with the leader in cryogenic technology?

Cryostar offered me my first job, this is a great opportunity for me. My job is a direct continuation of my internship. Today I am Project Manager and Key User IFS for the execution teams of all three Business Units.

I already had a lot of autonomy when I was a trainee, this has increased even today, which is an important source of motivation for me. Cryostar trusts me and holds me accountable. My career thus begins under the best auspices, in the continuation of my studies and my internship, with a widening of the scope.

What do you appreciate most about Cryostar?

Many things but if I had to mention the most important, I would say the quality of the relationship with colleagues, the solidarity between people and our ability to work as a team.  The atmosphere with co-workers is also very pleasant. Of course, I am also very happy with the content of my job as it is multidisciplinary and varied: I rely on my technical skills, but not only that, project management, customer communication, interactions with different teams are the other essential facets of a Project Manager position. And as a graduate engineer in rotating machines, I have a particular interest in Cryostar, a high-tech company with an excellent international reputation and teams of technical experts who are innovating for the energy transition of tomorrow.

How do you see yourself evolving?

I was trusted when I didn’t have much experience yet. I don’t make long-term projections, but I see myself evolving within Cryostar to further strengthen my skills and participate in this industrial adventure that is meaningful to me.

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