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Autonomy at work as seen by a Manager

François is Customer Service Manager at the LNG Marine’s Business Unit. He manages a team of around twenty people.

A very diverse team

“We’re a very diverse and heterogeneous team, which is our greatest strength and our greatest asset. We have young colleagues fresh out of school and experts with a great deal of experience. Different nationalities also rub shoulders: Canadian, Chilean, Belgian, Hungarian, Indian, French, etc., all with different personal histories and different ways of seeing. Some like the technical side of the job, others like customer contact and negotiation, while others like working on contracts and being in contact with internal departments, helping to solve problems, following up customer orders, etc.”.

Autonomy in carrying out assignments

“I think it’s fair to say that I give people a lot of autonomy. Each person has a certain freedom in the exercise of his functions and is involved in decision-making. We consult each other very regularly, we’re very informal, and being available to the team helps us to be more responsive to customers”.

Margin for error

“Autonomy in carrying out assignments includes margin for error. Knowing how to learn from your mistakes is always instructive and helps you gain experience much more quickly. Whatever the situation, because the team is made up of experienced people, we work together quickly to rectify any mistakes”.

Managers who listen

“I’m not in the control or micromanagement business. It’s my responsibility to accompany people, to be available and to listen to them. I see myself as a support, a facilitator, someone who opens doors, encourages initiative and builds confidence”.

Autonomy in work organisation

“Everyone has the freedom to organise their own work, particularly in terms of flexible working hours, while respecting the rules common to the whole company, such as teleworking (2 days a week)”.

Autonomy and team spirit, is it compatible?

“Very clearly, yes! In my opinion these are the 2 legs to walk straight. We challenge each other a lot to respond to customers as effectively as possible, and we work a lot as a team. What’s more, my colleagues really appreciated the latest team building event, that allowed us to spend a whole day together in the great outdoors, doing fun sports activities. It had a very positive impact on strengthening team cohesion and the desire to take on the challenges that are so characteristic of my team and of Cryostar!”.

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