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Annie Bonnot, Human Resources Director, reveals what according to her will make you want to join Cryostar’s teams.
When you choose to work at Cryostar, you’re joining a group with a reputation for its position as a leader and its ability to innovate. You are joining a multi-faceted, inspiring, regionally-anchored company that generates more than 98% of its revenue internationally on high-growth, cutting-edge markets. But above all, you will find yourself part of a great human endeavour built on deeply-held values.

So what values are we talking about exactly? What is the in-house culture?
Generally speaking, what employees express during their career interviews in particular is the esteem they have for a job well done and the pride resulting from it. Can we not say that “Be passionate about excellence” is one of our values? These values represent the cultural foundation of our work: they are a precious asset and nobility that explains the commitment of our teams. Cryostar’s values, those that give meaning to our work on a daily basis, are: Innovation, overcoming challenges, being passionate about excellence, showing generosity in action, respecting and empowering people and acting with integrity. Values cannot be decreed. They are lived and experienced through a momentum that keeps us going day after day, month after month. In our most challenging periods, our values are what hold and bring us together.

In this respect, do you think that a strong cultural foundation can be a key to motivation?
When management embodies the values stated in it, when it is meaningful, in other words when it explains the purpose of the missions, the raison d’être of our positions, by setting understood and shared objectives, then the corporate culture is significant in fact, and a commitment factor for employees who, from then on, are inspired by a motivation that brings pleasure to work. This notion of pleasure is essential in my point of view.

Developing people and giving them perspectives: what actions do you take to develop the employability of employees?
The quality of human capital and its management are permanent concerns for Cryostar. Every year, we implement an ambitious training plan that integrates progress actions for all types of distinctive skills, whether individual, collective or collaborative: Academy, Expert Track, professionalisation / career programmes. 80% of our workforce is trained each year.
Attracting talent is good; sustaining it is better.
Cryostar can boast many assets that enhance its attractiveness. First and foremost among these are the interest of the missions given to us and the high technicality of our products, which challenge the teams on a daily basis. Other factors reinforce this attractiveness, such as, for example, access to telework going back more than 10 years for some employees, an inter-company daycare centre for employees’ children, mobility assistance (shuttle bus from Saint-Louis Station), strong representation at many recreational and sports events, and even a concierge project. The Works Council, which is very active, offers many benefits and sports or cultural activities throughout the year. Once integrated into the teams, the new colleague is supported throughout his or her personalised integration path, organised into clearly identified steps and interactive communication actions and proximity with the entire managerial line, including, in particular, with the Executive Committee.

Organisations are increasingly expected to be attentive to all the stakeholders in their ecosystems: what can you tell us about Cryostar’s social footprint?
Located in the heart of the Three Borders region (France, Switzerland, Germany), Cryostar has increased its workforce by 30% in a few years and doubled its turnover: there you have it, Cryostar’s impact, which also has a significant influence in its territory through contributions in terms of social inclusion, socio-economic attractiveness and development of the employment it generates. So indeed a social footprint, but also a societal one, for example, through supporting charitable offers initiated by our employees, to which we are very attached… with, let’s admit it, even if we are an international company with a presence on every continent, an Alsatian regional colour that is close to our hearts.

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