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Karim, MTC Configuration Technician

“If you love the industrial environment and want to challenge yourself, Cryostar is the company that will meet your expectations.
Indeed, when I joined Cryostar in 2016, my position as a Configuration Technician on MTC machines with magnetic bearings had yet be fully defined. My solid technical skills were a strong asset allowing me to quickly earn the trust and confidence of my managers.

My main mission involves finding the right equilibrium to stabilise the turbine in order to meet the specific needs of the “Aerodynamic Design” department. In two years, more than 25 machines have been tested and approved by our customers.

This position requires a wide range of skills in electrical engineering (mechanical and computing), power electronics and vibration analysis. The job involves many interactions with different departments, hence the importance of good interpersonal skills.
Before I decided to take this opportunity, I had a job that I loved, but today I am proud to wear Cryostar’s colours where everyday I undertake a technical challenge with high added value.
The challenge is worth it and at Cryostar, we are doing really well! Don’t hesitate to join us! ”

*MTC = Magnetic Turbo-expander Compressor

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