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Interview with Rémi, Key Account Manager, BU Process Machinery
“If I had been told one day that I would move to Alsace and become a salesman, I would have laughed in your face. And yet…”

Rémi, what motivated your decision to come and work at Cryostar in Alsace when you were living near Marseille?
I chose to work at Cryostar for different reasons:
The TSS (Technical Sales Support) position had caught my undivided attention. To have such a position, as soon as I finished my studies, in a design office, was a windfall. No one had held this position in the company before. Everything had to be set up. I had a great time. I travelled around the world and discovered many countries (Korea, China, Norway, etc.) in whose culture I immersed myself, far from the tourist areas. The human enrichment aspect has been very strong. I was also able to make proposals and have freedom to organise my work.
Cryostar’s location is attractive. Located in the heart of the Three Borders region, Cryostar offers a privileged and cosmopolitan location between Switzerland, Germany and France. It is a region that I enjoy discovering and that offers many treasures. I didn’t want to go to the Paris region. The living environment there doesn’t suit me. Alsace has proved to be a good compromise. I didn’t think I would stay here for more than 5 years and yet 15 years later, I feel so good that I don’t see myself leaving it.

What impressed you the most about Cryostar?
I was surprised to see that 80% of the managers are hired from within and are young! For my part, after a few years as a TSS, I became head of a TSS team. I discovered management thanks to the very helpful training provided. At less than 30 years old, having a managerial position was already a great step in my career!
In 2015, I switched to sales as a Hydrocarbon turbine salesman. You might say that this was the logical next step, but when I first entered the job market, I never thought I would become a salesperson!
Cryostar gives its employees the opportunity to evolve and values them. Through my professional experiences at Cryostar, I have grown and gained self-confidence. Since my arrival in 2006, Cryostar has grown from 400 employees to nearly 700 employees worldwide today. It is a dynamic company where it’s good to work. Good financial health provides important internal levers.
Moreover, the teams are young. As a newcomer, I was quickly able to get settled and make a circle of friends. Between the local sports activities, the Works Council-organised outings (thanks to which I discovered the joys of hiking) and all the regional activities, I quickly felt at home and comfortable in my shoes. Working with employees who share your passions when you arrive in a new environment (new company, new region, new living environment) is reassuring.

Today, what do you like about Alsace and why do you want to stay there?
Alsace is a region that offers a beautiful quality of life in many aspects:

  • infrastructures facilitate daily travel (highways, airports, trains, etc.) and reduce travel stress
  • the sports and leisure offer is rich: many associations offer a wide range of sports and artistic activities (mountain biking, tennis, football, dance, water skiing, sailing, music, painting, etc.), the proximity of the

Vosges and the Swiss Alps is ideal for hiking and skiing enthusiasts. The deployment of leisure complexes also makes it possible to combine cinema and mini-golf or bowling. You will always find an activity that suits you

  •  access to culture is facilitated: Alsace has nearly 180 museums, the offer in terms of shows, theatres and concerts is substantial, not to mention the libraries and media centres
  •  family activities and structures are encouraged: reception facilities (nurseries, after-school care, daycare centres, etc.) are highly developed, leisure and amusement parks are numerous (zoos, Europa Park, Cigoland, etc.) and adapted to a family audience
  •  nature is a few steps away (Vosges, nature reserves)
  •  access to property is facilitated by the construction of new housing developments
  •  the strength of traditions is surprising: in Alsace, the inhabitants are attached to their traditions and do not hesitate to share them: the famous Bredalas* at Christmas, the Christmas markets and their very special atmosphere, the decoration of houses at Christmas and Easter (the trees are decorated with Easter eggs), the very festive carnivals, etc.
  •  and of course the Alsatians! They are very warm and welcoming people.

So your Cryostar-Alsace decision was a winning bet?
Absolutely! With Cryostar, I have it all! I can only recommend that you apply, and come and join us for this great endeavour!

*Bredalas = small Christmas cakes

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