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Customer Service

Cryostar's corporate culture has a definite focus on customer satisfaction. Customer Service has a large pool of qualified technicians and engineers who travel all over the world to install and/or repair our installations.

Special contacts are in charge of the interface with the customer and coordinate field service engineers dedicated to each zone.

The main functions of our Service division are: Customer Service Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Customer Service Coordinator, Customer Service Manager, etc.


Grégory, Customer Service Engineer

“As a world leader, Cryostar maintains a significant number of installations.

Whether for periodic or curative maintenance, all these installations require follow-up throughout their entire life, placing customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities.

The blend of technical and commercial aspects, as well as our interactions with customers based all over the world, make our day-to-day work very enriching. ”

We appreciate receiving spontaneous applications!

Are you looking to join an innovative company, whether for a permanent contract, an internship or an apprenticeship? We are committed to reviewing all applications.

N-Philippe Fauvel-CRYOSTAR AUTOMATION - Capdenac - Etienne Kopp Photographie (87)

Philippe, a career from Alsace to Aveyron: “Geographical mobility is a strength”

I’ve been promoted during my maternity leave

Tatiane Cryostar Brazil – I’ve been promoted during my maternity leave


Laurent, Foreman, Electrical Service: “Making the team work together”