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Bruno Brethes, Executive Director of the Process Machinery Business Unit, reveals what according to him will make you want to join his teams
“The ‘Process Machinery’ Business Unit offers attractive and varied career opportunities in dynamic industrial markets around the world in the fields of industrial gases, hydrocarbons and clean energy production.

The ‘Sales and Projects’ team supports our clients from the design phase all the way through to the start-up of their plants, which mainly produce gases derived from air or hydrocarbons. Cryostar has also commissioned turbines for producing clean energy, notably for deep geothermal. Our equipment represents a key element for the proper functioning of our customers’ processes and is adapted to each of their projects. Our sales teams play a key technical advisory role for our clients, who are major engineering groups operating internationally; exchanges take place in a very enriching multicultural environment. In short, technical expertise and international openness are the hallmarks of our business relationships. In the same technical and international environment, our project management teams are constantly seeking customer satisfaction all while optimising the cost/delay/quality trio. Coordination of the activities for Cryostar’s departments involved in project execution is of course at the heart of the day-to-day work for these teams. The diversity of issues within a single given project, as well as the unique character of each project, make this profession very dynamic.

The engineers and technicians, for their part, adapt our machines to our clients’ project needs, acting in partnership with a network of selected suppliers. Our diverse product portfolio includes a wide range of cryogenic pumps and turbines that respond to a multiplicity of customer processes.
Design operations include machine protection and control systems, lubrication systems, gas systems and hydraulic systems. Many digital tools are used for calculations and three-dimensional design. The technical disciplines concerned are numerous. We are frequently looking for engineers and technicians in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics, electricity and automation. The engineering team also benefits from the international context of the projects, meeting regularly with our customers’ teams to ensure the proper integration of our machines into their processes. Exchanges begin in the sales phase and can continue throughout the product’s life cycle. Versatility, technical curiosity and concrete achievement are at the heart of our engineering activities.

The “Customer Services” team supports customers with the operation of pumps and turbines delivered by the BU. The aim is to create and maintain the conditions for an effective maintenance partnership. Maintenance contracts and appropriate spare parts sales policies maximise the availability of our customers’ installations. It is also necessary at times to be able to quickly solve technical problems arising during operation. Customer orientation is the driving principle behind our daily service activities. A satisfied operator is a customer who is likely to either order new machines itself or become an ambassador for the Cryostar brand. This constant concern for customer satisfaction motivates us on a daily basis. It is combined with a strong team spirit for dealing with emergencies. Alongside our technical specialists, a dedicated sales team for services and parts now offers new solutions for our customers, integrating the improvement of the customer experience and the growth of our activities. An intimate understanding of our clients’ needs and the ability to serve these same clients, anywhere in the world, are the strengths of our Customer Services team.

If our challenges sound exciting to you, you will find many opportunities as part of our “Process Machinery” Business Unit to develop your career through concrete technical achievements and stimulating international projects. ”

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