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Julien, Head of Turbine and Compressor Production

Our 4 Production Managers share their vision and passion for their job

Episode 1: Julien, Head of Turbine and Compressor Production

Julien, 53, joined Cryostar in 1986. His career path is rather atypical.  He was planning to stay for 1 month for a summer job at Cryostar and then go back to his studies, but he was offered a job by Mr. Meyer, Chairman at the time, who told him “if you stay with us, you’ll also be able to progress”, an adage that has since been confirmed!  Julien has been Head of Turbine and Compressor Production since 2019. He was previously Global Service Manager. After graduating as an electromechanics, he successfully completed a Masters in Management via Cryostar.

How do you see your role as Production Manager?

My most important mission is to ensure that all the conditions are in place to get the workload through, while respecting the quality and availability of products to customers. They also all agree on the importance of team management. The quality of team management is essential to achieving objectives

What business skills are most important?

Being flexible, of course! We need to be able to switch from one job to another, and to do that we need to have a clear view of the production process so that we can prioritize our actions in the event of a problem. Listen to people is also essential, as is proactivity: being able to make proposals to move things forward. In short, in my view, it’s cross-disciplinary skills rather than technical skills that enable a Production Manager to succeed in his job.

What do you appreciate most in your day-to-day work?

We never rest on our laurels; we’re always trying to improve the way we do things to satisfy our customers. The diversity of our products is very enriching and prevents monotony in our work. Working with skilled and motivated teams helps you to produce quality work.

What advice would you give to job applicants?


You have to enjoy taking on challenges and know that what we do is never finished. Nothing can ever be taken for granted and, as in sport, you have to know how to keep going and constantly improve your performance.

You have to rely on the skills of your staff, trust them, listen to them, give them a sense of purpose, so that everyone buys into the objectives and works together to achieve them. We have to understand that we are stronger as a team than on our own…

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