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Laurent, Foreman, Electrical Service: “Making the team work together”

2003… The Cryostar adventure begins as a service provider. With a professional degree in electrical engineering, Laurent was then a “High Voltage Fitter” for a local company. In this context, he intervened during 5 years on Cryostar. In 2008, he was recruited as a Cryostar electrician; he then quickly became a Team Leader, a position he held from 2011. “I really enjoyed this experience for a position that requires technical skills but also team management for everything that has to be done on a daily basis,” recalls Laurent. 

In 2014, he has the opportunity to follow the “Team Leader” certification training course at the UIMM Alsace Management School He successfully completed his training after an intense year of study.  We followed many training modules and had to produce a project to present to a jury of industry professionals. It was really great, I loved learning about all these management concepts, and learning about methodologies that I could then quickly put into practice in the field I also think that companies that invest in an employee and allow him or her to develop his or her skills, this shows a real proof of confidence”.

Laurent was promoted to Foreman in 2015, a position he has held ever since. “The position of foreman is positioned more in operational management; it makes you grow on key skills such as the global vision of the workshop and its challenges in the long term. Getting our team of electricians to work together, pulling each of them up, doing everything possible to maintain production objectives and achieve positive results, together: I have discovered a real vocation!”

“I would like to take advantage of my testimony to launch a recruitment appeal: we are recruiting electricians, so don’t hesitate, f you want to create a solid experience in the industry, join us!”

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