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Marketing and Communication

The communication department is the guarantor of Cryostar's image and works to ensure its reputation throughout the world. Its means of communication are diverse, whether in commercial, internal, corporate or employer brand communication: websites, brochures, visual material, videos, trade shows, internal/external events, press relations, and more.

The roles found on this team: Communications Officer, Community Manager, Communications Manager.

Régine, Communications Manager

“In the age of digital technology and instantaneity, communicating wisely is essential: speaking at the right time, sending an authentic message to the right people, that is our challenge. Accuracy, synthesis, listening and open-mindedness, as well as adaptability and responsiveness are the daily challenges to be met in communication.

What is our reward? The opportunity to work on very diverse and rewarding projects supporting a company of international stature but with a strong local base. Not to mention incredibly rich human encounters. ”

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