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Mat, the “boomerang” employee

He leaves and he comes back: the “boomerang” employee shows a strong attachment to the company

“Boomerang” recruitment is the re-hiring of someone who has already worked for the company. “Regularly, former employees tell us that they wish to return to Cryostar after having tried other professional adventures and seized opportunities that have enabled them to develop their skills. In my opinion, this shows a strong attachment to the company and to our internal culture, which makes the difference with others”, explains Aurélie, Recruitment Manager at Cryostar. “These boomerangs enter our recruitment process in the same way as any other applicant, if there are job opportunities corresponding to their profile, with the advantage, however, of saving time on their integration, in addition to the already acquired adhesion to our values. In short, it’s a win-win relationship”.

But what exactly drives these former employees to return home?  Here are some answers with the testimony of Mat, Field Support Team Manager in the Process Machinery BU.

Mat: What I like, in the end, is Cryostar!

Mat’s first experience with Cryostar goes back to the year 2006 when he worked for 2 years for the company. He then decided, for personal reasons, to return to England, his home land. He worked for 3 of Cryostar’s customers in both Air Separation and Petrochemicals. 

In 2020, he decided to return to France with his children and his French wife, to settle in Alsace.

“I applied directly to Cryostar! I knew the company: an interesting job, a company that develops projects, that is continuously growing and that enjoys a certain prestige in the market. It’s good reputation locally and worldwide makes it a standard in the industry! I had three other offers of employment but I chose Cryostar without any hesitation because I knew I would enjoy getting up in the morning and going to work for this company 5 days a week”. 


Mat was rehired in August 2020, 12 years after his departure, as Sales Engineer in the Customer Service Department of the Process Machinery BU. In 2021, he was promoted to manager as Field Support Team Manager in the Process Machinery BU. “This position suits me perfectly! The very interesting tasks even exceed my initial expectations. Even though the company has grown a lot in the last few years, it has kept the same familiar spirit and a really nice working atmosphere”.


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