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Mathieu, Technical Referent: ” I am a kind of MacGyver!

Mathieu is Test Team Leader and Referent in the field of vibration for turbines and compressors at Cryostar… Quite a program! But what exactly does his job involve?

“I intervene as soon as there is a technical problem. I take part in meetings with the various cross-functional contributors. We are all players in the resolution of problems. It is precisely this combination of different skills that makes me so passionate about my job, a real source of motivation on a daily basis. My colleagues in the Design Offices and R&D are great! We can reach everyone, there are no closed doors here.

Every day is different, the program can change half an hour by half an hour depending on what happens… Fortunately, I’m a kind of MacGyver, I love finding new solutions to any situation. The challenges are interesting and, above all, very rewarding when you have succeeded in doing everything possible to satisfy your customer and avoid production losses”.

His technical expertise covers many fields: electrical engineering, mechanics, vibration, instrumentation, etc. ” Of course, you need basic training, but then I would say that you learn the job with experience, when you have the chance to work in a company at the cutting edge of innovation like Cryostar”.

Mathieu’s mission covers other points as well. Our Mulhouse native, father of three grown-up children, also trains the various newcomers to the test benches and manages a team of about ten people. “It’s a really exceptional group, united, everyone sticks together and the different skills work together”.

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