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Mentoring: Éric and Laetitia at the Shipping & Invoicing Division

Passing on experience, enhancing it, making career paths more secure, supporting professional development …. There are many issues involved in mentoring.

Since 2011, 40 tutoring cases have been set up within Cryostar.

Éric and Laetitia form a powerful duo for 6 months. But why? And how? Read on!


Éric : Our aim is for Laetitia to be able to stand on her own two feet by the beginning of 2024. We’re a department of over 15 people, and management is an important part of our day-to-day work. It’s an immense pleasure for me and a real source of motivation to pass on and share my experience. Mentoring can only be beneficial to Cryostar, too many companies lose their know-how through lack of anticipation and mentoring. In my opinion, it’s also a form of recognition between generations, both for the person passing on the knowledge and for the person who is part of the staff we’re supporting, who we’re training for a management position.


Laetitia :Even before I found out about tutoring, I had asked for help with this new challenge. I can tell you that I said “yes” when the HR team suggested I join the scheme!  It’s important to recognize with humility that passing on experience and knowledge is necessary and beneficial if you are to succeed in taking on a new position, because even though I come from the team, part of the job is changing, and you have to be able to rise to the level of the new objectives required by the position, while taking into account the human aspect.


Éric: In practical terms, our offices are next to each other, so we talk throughout the day when we’re both there. This proximity is an advantage, we can quickly and easily find time to discuss an issue, a problem or a question. We also take part in monthly meetings in pairs, and I accompany Laetitia to meetings with service providers, introducing her to the department’s various external contacts; A handover and support will gradually take place for the next call for tenders concerning transport, an important part of our business.


Laetitia: Éric helps me with the management and technical aspects of my job. I was also very interested in the 3-day Management course I took in September, which complements the tutoring. Management is particularly close to my heart. I’ve been in the transport business for 12 years, so I love challenges, and I have to say that we’ve got a really TOP team, with a great deal of mutual support and cohesion.


Éric: Cryostar is developing its staff and giving young talent a chance, we can only agree with that.


Laetitia: In my opinion, mentoring should be more present in companies whenever possible. It helps to maintain and pass on knowledge specific to the company. Thank you to Eric and thank you to Cryostar.

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