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Philippe, a career from Alsace to Aveyron: “Geographical mobility is a strength”

Philippe is Head of Sales, Customer Service and Project Execution in the Cryostar Distribution Business Unit. 

In order to be closer to the teams of our Cryostar Automation entity, Philippe moved from Alsace to Aveyron to settle in the Occitanie region. He was supported in his mobility steps by Cryostar. 

This geographical mobility has brought me a lot at all levels.  I was able to complete my skills, which were purely commercial at the beginning, by the global management of an entity including commercial, managerial, production, after-sales service, safety-environment activities, etc.  I discovered some wonderful colleagues, whom I would like to thank for their commitment, their good humor and the passion with which they rise to the challenges by sticking together.  

Above all, this mobility has strengthened my self-confidence because I have proved to myself that I like challenges!  Changing my life environment was a leap in the dark with a triple challenge, professional, but also personal and familial, that my wife and I have never regretted.  I might not have had such an exciting opportunity if I had stayed in my region. 

Today I am very happy to live in Aveyron, a beautiful part of France which offers an ideal setting for raising children, there is little or no traffic jam, I have even seen fireflies again, a l magical pleasure! 

Cryostar Automation inaugurated its new premises and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.  Our small and agile entity has always been able to cultivate its specificities while contributing significantly to the success of the Cryostar group and I am proud to be part of it”.

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