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R&D and Technology

Our R&D and Technology teams are actively working to provide innovative technical solutions that enable our sales teams to be proactive with our customers and stay ahead of our competitors.

Many areas of expertise are combined to achieve our quality of innovation: Technology, R&D, Predictive Maintenance, the Patent Division and our PLM teams.

Several profiles work together in the R&D department: Project Engineer, Aerodynamic Design Engineer, Mechanical Calculation Engineer, New Equipment Development Engineer, Turbomachinery Construction Engineer, Technology Engineer, Predictive Maintenance Engineer, etc.


Noémie, Head of Construction Turbomachinery

"We design turbomachinery to meet the diverse needs of our customers. This can range from the simple adaptation of an existing machine to the development of a new innovative concept.

Many aspects are covered: aerodynamics, thermal, mechanical.

The exchanges are rich and varied and allow you to get to know and exchange with all Cryostar's departments. ”

Be spontaneous! That's a great quality!

We are listening to all your submissions! We are eager to read you and to discover your background, and we study all applications.