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Sébastien, sport and working life, same commitment!

Sébastien, Key Account Manager at Cryostar, lives his work as a playground where the spirit of competition gives him the desire to surpass himself. And that’s just as well, two of Cryostar’s core values being to be passionate about excellence and to take up challenges!

Graduate of the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) and sports enthusiast, Sébastien is also very involved in volleyball. He was the Sports Manager of the engineering school and the founder of the Volley Corporate Section of Cryostar in 2013. Until 2022, he was in charge of Team 1 and team, a season crowned by the title of regional champion!

Team 1 has been performing very well since the beginning, moving up from Division 3 to Division 1 in three years. In volleyball, I attach great importance to the value of the collective. Together we can do a lot, it’s the strength of the team, each one compensates for what the other can’t bring, mutual aid, osmosis, respect and integrity are all drivers that motivate me. I find this state of mind at Cryostar, which is why I have been fulfilling myself in my job for 11 years“. 


But what exactly does his job involve? 

Sébastien manages the sales of “Key Account” customers in Japan. These are large companies in the industrial gas and petrochemical sectors, with multi-site operations. “Managing a multi-site account requires a unique approach thanks to the global view of the client. English is the usual language in my daily work. I have travelled to Japan about 15 times since the beginning of the Cryostar adventure in 2011. The cultural aspect in an international context, mixed with the competition aspect, is very appealing to me.  Because doing business is all about competition!  We have to be able to improve our products, our processes, to keep a constant watch, to ask for technical support from the Rotating Machine Sizing and Technical Sales Support teams, to work as a team to make attractive offers that will make the difference with our competitors “. 



Cryostar, through its Process BU, markets industrial gas turbines, process pumps, hydrocarbon turbines, etc.  Our hydrocarbon turbines are positioned in a rather difficult and aggressive competitive market, with highly complex technical projects… What a great way to continue to deserve our leadership position!”.

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