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Virginie, our Disability Contact Person for France since April 2020

Virginie has been Cryostar’s Payroll and Administration Manager for 21 years. But what you may not know is that for nearly one year, Virginie has also been our official Disability Contact Person for all the French branches of the company! This mission is a perfect fit for kind, comprehensive, empathetic, discreet, meticulous Virginie.

“Being able to help employees is an integral part of the culture of our HR department. We all have a part to play in making Cryostar a more welcoming place for disabled employees, and thereby enriching our human capital. Creating a company that is welcoming to disabled people requires collective awareness at every level of the structure” explained Virginie.

Virginie has been working with disability for several years. She recently helped five employees obtain their Recognition of Disabled Employee Status (RQTH.)

“For some months now, we have been offering disability awareness workshops to our staff, which give us a chance to speak freely with large numbers of people in order to clear up taboos and misunderstandings some people may still hold, thus demystifying and collectively changing the way we consider disability in the workplace” concluded Virginie.

Cryostar’s ambition is to go even further in terms of Social Responsibility and to become a fully disabled-friendly company.

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