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A naturally reserved individual with a highly curious temperament, Henri has satisfied his thirst for technical knowledge through his various experiences at Cryostar.

Henri, what is your background?
I am an engineer by training and a graduate of ENSMA in Poitiers (now ISAE-ENSMA). After an initial experience in the automotive industry in the Paris region, I wanted to take my career in a new direction with a position offering more cross-departmental interaction. A friend talked to me about opportunities at Cryostar, and being originally from Strasbourg, it would offer me a possibility to return to Alsace. So I decided to try my luck and finally joined Cryostar in 2011 as a contractor.

What was your first job at Cryostar?
I was hired by the Design Office as an Auxiliary Systems Engineer for turbines. I was in charge of specifying the oil and seal gas systems and operating procedure for standard machines (turbines for industrial gas). This position, which stands at the nexus of several departments, has allowed me to interact extensively with the aerodynamics & mechanics, quality, purchasing, sales, production and testing teams. It has also given me the opportunity to have regular discussions with third-parties such as suppliers to define auxiliary equipment needs (pumps, valves, exchangers, etc.) and customers to explain how our machines work. In parallel, I worked a great deal with the draughtsmen to optimise the integration of the machine and its auxiliaries. This position had a very reassuring aspect for a novice to the field! It also provided me solid knowledge about how Cryostar works through dialogue with other departments in addition to in-depth knowledge of Cryostar equipment.

Cryostar is a company that empowers its employees. What was your experience in this regard?
Within a short time, I had the opportunity to handle more complex machines. My being hired on a permanent contract in 2013 opened the door for me to hydrocarbon equipment integrated into international projects, which are very complex due to their engineering to fit very specific customer needs (specifications, design calculations, technical clarifications, technical plans, etc.). This was another highly formative and enriching aspect of working at Cryostar.
In summer 2019, my role will evolve into a Technical Sales Support Engineer position. As an aerodynamic and mechanical reference for the customer, I will provide the company with my experience and technical expertise prior to machine construction.

Henri, you have a strong appetite for learning. To what extent has Cryostar allowed you to satisfy this thirst for knowledge?
Yes, that’s right. Working at Cryostar has given me the opportunity to not only enrich my technical knowledge in the field of rotating machines and associated auxiliary equipment, but also develop my skills in the fields of mechanics, aerodynamics and systems.
As someone who is naturally rather reserved, these different missions have also challenged me to go beyond these aspects of my personality. By getting involved on the Works Council alongside my normal duties, I reached out to other employees at Cryostar, and now I am at much more ease relationally-speaking than when I arrived in 2011! Without a doubt, working at Cryostar has given me the keys to grow both personally and professionally.

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